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Sprinter Van Conversion (my DIY setup for less Than $1,200)

When I looked into what it would cost to deck out my Mercedes Benz Sprinter van through a customer outfitter, the price I was quoted made my jaw drop. I didn’t have $90,000 to spend on a build so I said screw it and did it myself. In the process, I discovered that you don’t have to spend a ton of money outfitting your vehicle in order to design the perfect tiny home for yourself. With a pinch of DIY and a hint of creativity, you can have the camper van setup of your dreams for less than $1,200. In this video I take you through my conversion and explain all the ins and outs. Check it out:

Here’s how I pimped my ride:
Bed Frame $600 contact: [email protected]
Twin mattress (memory foam): $100
Side Panels $50: available at any lumber yard
Cargo Nets $11 each:
Aluminum Track $60:
LoopRope $20:
Plastic Storage Bins $30 each:
Beaver Tree Kitchen $200:
LED Lights $30:

Happy hunting!