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Sprinter Van Accessories Tour

Want to turn your Sprinter van into the ultimate adventure mobile? These five external van accessories will help you level up. The Road Shower gets you comfortably clean with pressurized hot water on the go. The AluRack helps you carry more adventure gear on your vehicle. The VertiRack allows you to mount your SUPS and surfboards to your rig without cluttering the cab. The Prime Design no-drill ladder acts as an elevator and gets you on and off your car. Finally, the DIY Sprinter van pallet deck enables you to work on your tan, while enjoying the rooftop views. 

This week I visited Mount Rainier in Washington State. The weather was beautiful and all my external accessories were on my Sprinter van. I decided to make a new video which gives viewers the scoop on why I selected these car toys and how they serve me. I hope you find this video helpful!

Please note: most if not all of these accessories fit other vehicles like Fords, Dodges, Peugeots, Nissans and more.