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Sauna Trailer | How to Build a Mobile Banya in 45 Grueling Steps

Regular sauna sessions are chock-full of health benefits. Studies show that vigorous sweating for 5-20 minutes per day, 2-3 times per week has been linked to a reduction in major illnesses, a decrease in all-cause mortality and massive boosts in life span! Additionally, sweating in a sauna helps:

  1. Regulate healthy core temperature
  2. Drain lactic acid out of the body, alleviate sore muscles and fatigue
  3. Increase endorphins and improves mood
  4. Produce natural antibiotics that kills harmful bacteria
  5. Reduce inflammation, which is pretty much the cause of all health ailments
  6. Trigger heat shock proteins, which reduce free radicals (unstable atoms that damage cells, cause illness, and premature aging)
  7. Improve sports performance and endurance
  8. Increase circulation and blood flow to vital organs
  9. Improve skin health and leads to a clear complexion
  10. Eliminate toxins and unnecessary waste from the body


Let's Make it Portable!

Wouldn’t it be cool to get all these health benefits while simultaneously spending time in nature? I definitely think so! That’s exactly why my friends and I built a sauna on wheels in 2020. In this blog post I’d like to explore what it takes to construct a mobile sauna. The build process roughly consists of 45 simple steps. Just kidding, there is nothing easy about making a portable banya out of a rusty horse trailer. Be prepared to work your ass off! We certainly did.

Moreover, I exponentially complicated all the steps by filming every tiny detail (so that others could follow along if they wanted to). Then, I spent many nights tearing out my beard hair while editing and pondering how best to unleash Sauna Trailer on the world. I considered making one stand-alone video vs. numerous episodic clips to appeal to different folks and learning styles. In the end, I did both. So, If you’re keen on watching one 4.5-hour long video, watch this YouTube video:

Sauna Trailer (Time Lapse)

Sauna Trailer (Full Movie)

Alternatively, if you prefer learning in short increments, I got you covered too. Keep scrolling!

Step 1: Horse Trailer Acquisition

Step 2: Replace Old Trailer Jack

Step 3: Learn How to Operate TX6000 TRAX Power Dolly

Step 4: Rust Assessment

Step 5: Sub Floor Work

Step 6: Horse Trailer Rust Removal/Fix

Step 7: How to Make a Face Shield During a Pandemic

Step 8: Corroseal Rust Treatment

Step 9: Interior Painting

Step 10: Exterior Painting

Step 11: Remove Old Walls

Step 12: Make New Walls

Step 13: Cut Out Rusty Doors

Step 14: Frame Welding

Step 15: Cut Chimney Hole

Step 16: Fill Exterior Holes with Bondo

Step 17: Rebuild Sub Floor

Step 18: Roof Painting

Step 19: Finish Framing the Mobile Banya

Step 20: Cover Sub Floor with Cedar

Step 21: Insulate Every Inch You Can!

Step 22: Wire Tail Lights

Step 23: Add More Cedar to Horse Trailer Walls

Step 24: Template Tinkering

Step 25: Build Custom Door

Step 26: Sauna Trailer Weigh-in #1

Step 27: Build DIY Heat Shield

Step 28: Install Kuuma Wood Stove by Lamppa Mfg

Step 29: Harvest Banya Whisks (Russian Method)

Step 30: Collect Sauna Rocks That Won't Explode

Step 31: Sauna Trailer Weigh-in #2

Step 32: Run Wood Sealer Tests

Step 33: Undercarriage and Wheel Work

Step 34: Complete Misc. Tasks

Step 35: Install Road Shower

Step 36: Read More About Sauna Building

Step 37: Install Magic Light

Step 38: Add Porthole to Sauna Door

Step 39: Install Chimney

Step 40: Design + Install Banya Benches

Step 41: Maiden Voyage (Test the Banya)

Step 43: Tour Mobile Sauna with Kiley

Step 44: Test New Sauna in Scenic Spot

Step 45: Make Sense of Everything

Step 46 (BONUS): Don't Let a Tree Crush Your Dreams

Step 47 (BONUS): Think About Rebuilding?

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