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Backyard Foraging For Wild Edibles

Foraging for wild edibles doesn’t have to be a chore. It can be as easy as stepping outside into your own backyard. Believe it or not, most yards are full of edible weeds. I like to call these plants: “unintentional food.” As long as you don’t spray your property with pesticides and know what to look for, you can harvest edible plants off your land today and explore their unique flavors in your favorite recipes.

This week I practiced my urban survival skills and did exactly this. I grabbed my camera, hit record, and journeyed beyond my front door to see how many plants I could identify in my yard.

I found the following things:

1.) Grass (several different kinds)
2.) Dandelions
3.) Cat’s ears
4.) Chickweed
5.) Clover
6.) Peppercress
7.) Thistle
8.) Sow thistle
9.) Wood sorrel
10.) Sheep sorrel
11.) Common mallow
12.) Wild radish
13.) Yellow dock
14.) Purple dead nettle 

All these plants are edible and highly nutritious. Best of all they’re FREE!

If you’d like to come on a foraging excursion with me, I suggest you load the following video onto your phone or tablet, and watch it as you cruise around your yard.