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Two Ideal Gifts For Photo / Video Geeks (LitraTorch & LitraPro)

Photo and video enthusiasts are hard to buy gifts for. This is especially true if you’re a shopper who’s unfamiliar with the photography/videography realm. How do you figure out what a camera-lover wants or needs without asking them directly and ruining the surprise? To make matters worse, gear within the photo/video category is typically accompanied by a massive price tag, which can be hard to justify.

If this resonates with you, let me ease your burden. This year I found two perfect gifts that every hobbyist/professional photographer and filmmaker will love! One product is called: “LitraTorch” and the other one is known as: “LitraPro.” Both of these products are on-camera lights manufactured by a company called: “Litra.” Litra is a new brand that specializes in high quality lighting for photo and video geeks (like me). On-camera lights are exactly what they sound like, lights that mount onto a photo or video camera in order to help it see. 

Why would you want such a thing? Because, unlike our eyes, cameras are much worse at seeing images in low light settings. Adding a light source onto your camera will significantly improve its ability to capture images when light conditions aren’t ideal. Here it’s important to note that light conditions aren’t ideal A LOT! Ask any photographer, they’ll tell you the same thing. Thus, using an external light like the LitraTorch or LitraPro on your camera while filming stuff, makes the whole experience more fun and productive. 

Over the years I’ve purchased many different lights, but none have come close to the Litra lights. Litra makes products that are extremely durable, rechargeable, properly color balanced, and dimmable to boot. Additionally, these lights won’t break the bank. If you’re shopping for a hobbyist, the LitraTorch will set you back about $79. The LitraPro, which is aimed at the professional, costs $220 and offers more adjustability and control that its little brother. Either way, you can’t go wrong! They’re both great lights! I own several of each and find they complement each other wonderfully.

Best of all, even if your beloved photographer/ videographer already owns a lighting kit, adding another light or two is never a bad idea. In other words, such a gift will be extremely well received! 

If you’d like to learn more about these lights, I’ve published two detailed reviews for all to see. Enjoy!