Liverpool, here I come!

25 Jun

Sergei Boutenko comes to Liverpool

Sergei Boutenko comes to Liverpool


Liverpool, get ready! I’m coming for you. In one week’s time, I will unleash the power of green smoothies onto all who attend my lecture. Together we will learn about how to make delicious, healthful, green smoothies, I’ll premiere my new film (Powered By Green Smoothies), and we’ll even go for a wild edibles walk. If you live nearby, don’t miss this event.

New Project In Motion

12 May

Weeds are incredible, they’re healthy and they’re edible! And I want to make wild edibles and foraging easily accessible to everyone. That is why I’ve launched a new Kickstarter project that’s all about wild edibles!  The new project is an instructional video on how to safely and sustainably enjoy the most common weeds and wild edibles of the world. Check it out: YouTube Preview Image

If you’d like to be part of this project, follow the link below. Everyone who pledges will receive credit in the movie in addition to the AWESOME rewards!

My Favorite Springtime Green Smoothie

17 Apr

Stinging nettles, miners lettuce, dandelions, and lemon balm oh my…

YouTube Preview Image

My New Film Powered By Green Smoothies Is Complete

2 Apr

After a full year of hard work, I am proud to announce that my first full-length documentary “Powered By Green Smoothies” is finished! For those that may have missed the news, here’s the recap:

Powered By Green Smoothies

On the set of Powered By Green Smoothies

Last year, I rounded up 10 athletic friends (five ultra-runners and five CrossFitters), put them on a green smoothie challenge for six weeks, and documented everything with my camera. To ensure that my experiment was serious, I put my athletes through a series of blood tests, demanding endurance tests, and consulted with numerous medical professionals throughout entire process. The results of this study were fascinating! I now have solid proof that fresh, organic, whole-food-based green smoothies are extremely beneficial for athletes and athletic people.

Powered By Green Smoothie Athletes

The athletes of Powered By Green Smoothies

Even though all of my athletes were healthy and fit to begin with, they managed to further improve their health and endurance simply by drinking green smoothies. Perhaps the most distinguished change we (my team and I) discovered in the before and after blood work of my athletes was a significant reduction in markers of inflammation. All but one of my athletes logged lower rates of inflammation after drinking green smoothies. Less inflammation enabled runners and CrossFitters alike to feel lighter on their feet, heal their pre-existing, workout-related injuries, work out harder, and improve their post-exercise recovery times.

Sergei With Green Smoothie

Sergei with green smoothies for his athletes

I can confidently conclude that green smoothies support the health and performance of athletes in a way that it is scientifically measurable and physically noticeable. The testimonies of the athletes who took part in this experiment are so surprising and inspiring they will make everyone who watches this film reach for their green smoothie and strap on their running shoes. If you would like to see my film in its entirety, please visit

Outside Magazine recently did a piece on Powered By Green Smoothies. It’s a good article if I may say so myself. Check it out here:

A Complete Gym For Less Than $90

6 Dec

YouTube Preview Image

Pick up your own rings here!

Boutenko’s Call to Action

25 Nov

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More From The Editing Room…

19 Nov

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Off To Print

8 Nov

I have GREAT news… My wild edible cards WILL soon be a reality! As of two days ago, I reached my initial Kickstarter goal, which means I will have enough $$$ to get them printed. Woot, Woot! For your viewing pleasure, here is a peek at what the cards will look like:


My Kickstarter campaign is wrapping up (only has 50 hours to go). Thus there is still time to get in on the great deals. If you’d like to get a deck or two, you can back my project and receive them at a discounted rate.  Click the link to back this project:

Your pledge will get you a rocking deck of cards (that will help you learn about wild edible responsible) and will help me spread a healthy message far and wide.


Wild Edible Cards

21 Oct

In true Boutenko fashion I can’t sit still. For the last couple weeks, in between video shoots and smoothie blending, I’ve been working on a secret side project – Wild Edible poker cards.

YouTube Preview Image

Having completed my wild edible book last May, I was sitting on a vast databank of information and photos about wild edibles. I sifted through that information and pulled out 52 of my MOST favorite edibles and made them into a poker deck.



The idea behind these cards is super simple…  A deck of cards that enables you to play your favorite games and educates your about wild edibles at the same time.  Follow the link for more info: