Sauna Trailer Movie & eBook

Sauna Trailer Movie & eBook

I’m stoked to announce the launch of my newest project called “Sauna Trailer.” Get it? “Stoked,” because the topic of the film is saunas… Total dad joke, I know. Any whooo, the project is now raising funds on Kickstarter. I’m pre-selling copies of the movie and eBook in order to finance this entire venture and I could use your support. Visit the project page to get a detailed glimpse of what I’m cooking up.

The Movie & eBook

My grand vision is to build a mobile steam room from the ground up. I intend to film the entire process so that others can follow my lead and build their own portable DIY sauna too. I am not the first person to construct a sauna on wheels, but as far as I can tell, I’ll be the first to show the entire build from start to finish on camera. Can you imagine having the ability to sweat in a beautiful, outdoor location and then dive into a cold lake, river, or ocean? I can! It’s my idea of heaven. You can have it too, if you like. I’ll do all the heavy lifting so that when you go to build your own mobile dream steam, you’ll be able to lean on my resources (movie and eBook) and save yourself tons of research time and money. 

Project page: 

I'm Hosting a Sauna Retreat in the Summer of 2020

If you want to experience my Sauna Trailer first-hand, I’ll be hosting a special retreat in the summer of 2020 where you can do just that. At this 3-day/3-night retreat, we’ll be camping in a beautiful campground that’s situated on a charming Washington beach. Together we’re going to sauna and cold plunge, I’ll teach you how to flap yourself with oak branches (Russian style), we’ll train with kettlebells, do yoga, drink freshly-made green smoothies, eat healthy food, but most importantly, we’re going to connect with each other. I guarantee you’ll have fun, rest, make new friends, and squeeze a little bit more joy out of life! If you’d like to attend, select the associated reward on Kickstarter.

PLEASE NOTE: space is very limited!

Why do I Need Another Steam Room?

After launching my Kickstater video last week, I’ve received several emails from folks who want to know why I need a sauna trailer when I already have a steam room at home? Well, I have something to confess, my current sauna is really a movie set. Want to see how I created the illusion that I was sitting by a wood fire in a hot sauna? Watch the video above.

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