I’m gearing up to shoot a new movie called “Sauna Trailer”

I’m gearing up to shoot a new movie called “Sauna Trailer”

Can I share a secret with you? I’m gearing up to produce another feature film called “Sauna Trailer.” The name more or less explains what the new movie will be about. I’m going to build a mobile sauna on a trailer and film the entire process so that others can do the same, if they wish. Why would I want to do such a thing? Good question!

I want a sauna trailer because:

  1. Saunaing keeps me warm in Washington state (it’s cold and damp most of the year)
  2. It’s wicked fun to sweat in scenic locations and then jump into natural cold bodies of water (oceans, rivers, and lakes)
  3. Regular sauna use is super, duper healthy

Here are a few of the health benefits associated with saunaing and sweating:

  1. Sweating helps regulate healthy core temperature (98.6° F)
  2. Sweating drains lactic acid out of the body and alleviates sore muscles and fatigue
  3. Heating up the body increases endorphins and leads to an improved mood
  4. Saunaing reduces inflammation (which is pretty much the cause of all health ailments)
  5. Sweating triggers heat shock proteins, which reduce free radicals (unstable atoms that damage cells, cause illness, and premature aging)
  6. Regular sauna use also substantially reduces all-cause mortality and increases longevity

More sauna benefits discussed by Dr. Rhonda Patrick here: 


Sauna Trailer on Kickstarter

Later this month I’ll be launching a Kickstarter project in order to raise funds for this production. As with all of my feature films, I’ll be pre-selling copies of the film and satellite eBook to help fund this project. I’ll send out a newsletter about the Kickstarter once it’s live.

What would you like me to add to the Kickstarter rewards, eBook and movie?

While I’m putting the finishing touches on the fundraiser, I want to know what you’d like to see more of. Should I focus more on the health and wellness side of things or the adventure side? What topics would you like me to address in the eBook and movie? Is there anything else that I’m missing?

Now is the time to give me feedback and get your wishes fulfilled!

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