Which of these do you know?

12 Jan

Advertising is largely based on the principle that it you expose people to something frequently enough, they will be able to recognize it and develop a sense of loyalty toward that thing. I propose we do the same with common plants in our surroundings.

Take this simple test to see if you have basic plant awareness.

ANSWER KEY: 1. Twitter, 2. Facebook, 3. Myspace, 4. Nike, 5. Apple Computers, 6. McDonald’s, 7. Mercedes Benz, 8. Lacoste a. Oak Leaf, b. Fir Needles, c. Wood Sorrel, d. Grape Leaf, e. Maple Seedling, f. Doug Fir Cone, g. Fir Tree, h. Aspen Leaf, i. Maple Leaf

For more info on foraging download my wild edible iPhone app: http://itunes.apple.com/us/app/wild-edibles/id430951647?ls=1&mt=8

No iPhone? No problem! Use the web app version for free: http://sergeiboutenko.com/wildediblesapp/ (works on android phones)

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