Roof Top Living

10 Sep

Dear Blog readers,

I am looking to acquire a roof top camper for my car. I spend many of days outdoors photographing and filming edible plants each year. Having a home on top of my car would allow me to greatly increase the number of days out in the field and thus allow me to create more educational videos for YouTube as well as my site. Unfortunately, such toys cost around $2,500 which not in my budget at the moment. That’s why I’m getting creative… If you have a roof top camper that is similar to a Maggiolina that you never use, why not sell or donate it to me? It does not have to be brand spanking new. In fact, if it’s needs repairs, I am happy to take on such a project this fall. Such a camper would go to a good cause and indirectly help thousands of people. If you have a proposition for me, please drop me an email. More wild edible videos coming soon…

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