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27 Nov


Be advised: I am not a medical doctor and don’t claim to have all the answers to health related questions. My blog is a place for me to share my thoughts, experiences, and beliefs about health and wild edibles. I do not mean to mislead or offend anyone. What I say and write is intended for educational purposes and should not replace the opinion of a medical professional.

1. Diabetes


A. What Type of Diabetes Were You Diagnosed With?

I was officially diagnosed with type 1 juvenile diabetes. I was told that after a short honeymoon phase, my pancreas would no longer produce insulin.


B. Is It Possible That You Were Misdiagnosed?

Absolutely! Doctors are only human and as such make mistakes. Over the years I have wondered whether or not my diagnosis was correct. Unfortunately there is no way of knowing that now. What I am certain of is that I had the symptoms of a diabetic. When I started eating healthy food and exercising regularly, those symptoms disappeared and my blood sugar stabilized.


C. Did You Ever Take Insulin? 

While I was advised to go on insulin immediately, I never took it. My mother had strong convictions that taking insulin was not the right way to go. She began looking for alternative ways to cope with my condition as soon as I found out I was diabetic.


D. Have You Met Others That Have Reversed Their Type 1 Diabetes Naturally?

Yes! I receive hundreds of emails everyday from people who struggle or have struggled with health problems. Periodically I get thank you emails from people who were inspired to incorporate some of my practices into their own lives. Many of these people claim to have reversed their diabetes completely.


E. Will This Work For Me?

Everybody comes from a different background and has different circumstances to consider. While I believe that eating health food and exercising will contribute to increased health in most people, there is not guarantee that what worked for me will work for everyone. The only way to know is to try it and see for yourself.


F. Do You Ever Consult With People And Give Them Medical Advice?

I do not give private consultations because I am not qualified to do so. If you think that some of my practices could benefit you, I recommend reading my article “How I Reversed Diabetes Naturally” carefully ( then finding a doctor or naturopath who is willing to monitor you while you change your lifestyle and eating habits.


G. How About Type 2 Diabetes?

Type 2 diabetes means that a pancreas can still produce insult, but has a hard time making enough to cover a person’s daily sugar intake. I believe that if you decrease the amount refined and processed foods that you consume and begin to eat more fresh, organic, high-fiber foods, you can reverse type 2 diabetes relatively quickly. After traveling the world and meeting countless people who have reaped the benefits of a healthy lifestyle, I am convinced that a healthy diet, green smoothies, regular exercise, and adequate rest, can heal the body of both type 1 and 2 diabetes. If you suffer from type 2 diabetes, I recommend that you read my mother’s book “Green For Life” ( and “The Fiber Prescription” by Dr. Myron Winick. You can also visit our blog ( for inspiration.


H. What’s  A Good Place For  A Diabetic to Start?

A good place to start is green smoothies. To date we have conducted over 15 green smoothie retreats and have seen many diabetics (type 1 and 2) benefit immensely. All greens, especially dark ones like dandelions, collards, and spinach reduce sugar in the body and help heal it from all ailments. Smoothies contain lots of fiber, which slows down the assimilation of sugars in your body. Thus, you can enjoy a delicious tasting smoothie, which will benefit you body without spiking your blood sugar. If you are worried about using sweet fruits in your green smoothie, you can substitute them with low glycemic index fruits or make a savory green smoothie.


Check Out This Video On How To Make A Good Smoothie:

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How To Make A Savory Green Smoothie:

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I. Which Foods Should I Avoid As A Diabetic?

Typically, simple carbs, such as refined grains, white rice, white potatoes, soft drinks, and processed sugar affect diabetics poorly because these things drastically spike blood sugar. Dairy products can also have negative affects on weak or nonfunctioning pancreas. When I was diagnosed with diabetes I cut these foods out of my diet almost immediately. Back then my family was desperate and extreme so we switched to a totally raw food diet almost overnight. If I were to do it over, I would gradually shift my diet in the direction of raw food. Green smoothies are a great place to start. Over the years I seen a lot of people benefit from regularly drinking green smoothie while at the same time slowly moving in the direction of a high raw diet consisting of fresh organic fruits, veggies, greens, berries, nuts, and seeds. I think it’s okay to incorporate some steamed vegetables, quinoa, and sweet potatoes into ones diet as these are foods that are known to have a low impact on diabetics.


J. How Important Is Exercise For Diabetics?

It is CRUCIAL for diabetics to exercise! Vigorous exercise such as running, jumping on a trampoline, aerobics classes, crossFit, and/or any kind of dance fitness workouts burn up excess sugar and ease the burden on the body.


K. Do I Have To Exercise Vigorously After Every Meal To Balance My Blood Sugar?

I exercised once a day (usually in the mornings) in the early stages of my lifestyle shift. If and when my blood sugar spiked, I would take that as a sign that I needed more physical activity. My favorite choices were to go on a run or jump on a trampoline. At present, I keep up a vigorous exercise regime.


L. Is It Possible To Get My Pancreas To Function Again?

I’ve met a lot of other’s who have had success in healing or managing their diabetes. Based off my experience, I have come to believe that the pancreas is a very resilient organ that can be restored.


M. What Did Your Typical Meals Consist Of?

Around the time of my diagnoses my meals consisted of fruit or freshly made fruit smoothies for breakfast. I would eat vegetables, salad, with some kind of nut/seed based spread for lunch, and more salad and garden burger for dinner. The Recipes in my book Fresh: The Ultimate Raw Food Cookbook ( are resemblant of my diet of the time. At present, I drink 1-2 quarts of green smoothie for breakfast, eat a large green salad for lunch, and cook up some veggies, quinoa, and/or yams for dinner.


N. Do You Have Any Additional Observations About Diabetes?

Another thing that I noticed was that if I didn’t eat late at night, my blood sugar was always normal, or at least closer to normal in the morning. Also, exposure to sunlight helped lower my blood sugar.


Check Out This Short Movie I Made About My Diabetes Experience:

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Our Youtube channel BoutenkoFilms is loaded with other testimonies from people who have dealt with diabetes naturally.