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We did it!

24 Apr

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I am thrilled to announce that a few ago days my kickstarter project (Powered by Green Smoothies) was successfully funded! This means my experiment WILL happen, and the movie WILL be made. I would like to officially thank all of my backers (you know who you are) for supporting me as well as the entire healthy food movement. Our efforts together are making a powerful difference in this world! Stay tuned for regular updates about my upcoming film.

Meet The Athletes

11 Apr

You asked, I did. Here for your viewing pleasure is a brief introduction to the athletes who will be partaking in my experiment (! I worked very hard to select these individuals and think that on top of their athleticism, they have SO MUCH MORE to contribute to this project. Won’t you please help me welcome to the stage (not an actual stage) Alex, Joanne, Laura, Kymmi, Jace, Jamie, Jade, and Michael!

This kickstarter project will only run for 10 more days, so please keep sharing it ( on facebook, twitter, email, etc. Let’s blow up the internet together for this healthy cause!

Thank you!

Much love,


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Athletes and Smoothies

1 Apr

If you run, hike, swim, snowboard, cycle, attend crossfit, or actively engage in any other sports, then you’re probably aware that your body requires extra nutritional supplementation in order to function properly. Simply put, athletes need more nutrients than less-active people. They demand more from their bodies and thus must compensate with the right nutrients to keep up performance and recovery. Unfortunately, today’s athletes have been duped into believing that in order to maintain proper health, they must consume a wide range of animal products, supplements, and power gels. I think this is one of the biggest misconceptions in the field of sports and fitness. In this post, I am not interested in arguing whether athletes should be vegans or not. I simply want to challenge the traditional approach and illustrate that the nutritional needs of an athlete can be met through natural means. I believe all athletes can benefit by consuming more fresh, organic greens and fruits in a blended concoction commonly referred to as a “green smoothie.”

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