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Interview with Wild Edible Expert John Kallas

7 Feb

I am delighted to announce this exclusive interview! John Kallas is the author of Wild Edible Plants: wild foods from dirt to plate. He is a friend of mine who has devoted his life to educating people on why it is necessary to learn about wild edibles. John teaches a variety of different workshops throughout the year through his company Wild Food Advetures ( based out of Portland, Oregon.

I was fortunate enough to attend John’s “Gingerroot Rendezvous last year. The Gingerroot Rendezvous is an intensive 3 day workshop that will give you a basic understanding of how to safely harvest, and eat wild edibles. During my attendance, John put us through a vigorous schedule of wild edible immersion…

Together with a handful of smiling faces we gathered wild edibles and processed them into our daily meals. We learned how to easily identify common edible plants and we were taught how to discern the most poisonous ones. Best of all, we did it in a hands on, EASY TO REMEMBER FOR THE REST OF MY LIFE kind of way.

Even though I consider myself knowledgeable in this particular field, I managed to walk away from John’s retreat with tons of fresh knowledge! I highly recommend this retreat. In fact, if you go this coming year, you might just see me there!

Without further ado, here is John’s interview:

Part 1:

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Part 2:

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Green Smoothie Iphone App!

1 Feb

Green Smoothie Iphone App!

Dear Friends,

Since August of last year my mother (Victoria Boutenko) has been working hard on a surprise project and it has finally been completed. Apple has approved the first ever Green Smoothie iPhone Application! If you own an iPhone, you can now have instant access to countless green smoothie recipes on the go!

What makes this app unique, apart from being the first green smoothie recipe app ever to be released, is the depth of nutritional information it brings to the table.  In addition to having access to the easiest, most delicious smoothies, you can now instantly reference the health benefits associated with every ingredient of the smoothie you choose. For example, if you see a smoothie recipes with  raspberries, parsley, and lemon, the app will disclose what each of those foods is good for… Raspberries are a great preventive measure for warding off colon cancer, parsley has been shown to inhibit tumor formation in the lungs, and lemons are useful in conditions like colds, flu’s, and recurrent ear infections.

It took my mom and myself five months to compile the scientific information to create this application.  Once compiled, we sifted through all of it and formatted it in an easily comprehensible manner. All of the nutritional highlights come form the best, most trusted sources among which is (a website based of USDA data). (more…)