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Green Smoothie For Pets

28 Oct

Green Smoothie For Pets

Do you think that humans are the only living organisms that want to be healthy and pain free? Think again!

I believe that our pets enjoy living long, healthful lives no less than we do! The type of foods you choose to feed your furry companions can have a huge effect on state of being and well as their life span. Conventional pet food is loaded with tons of animal byproducts, dyes, preservatives, pesticides, and who knows what else. Thus for a health, happy pet, it is imperative to feed them as close to their natural diet as possible, which might I add, include little to no cooked food! (more…)

About Me

27 Oct

About Me

My name is Sergei Boutenko. When I was only nine years old I was diagnosed with diabetes. My family doctor told my parents I had to go on insulin immediately. My mother (Victoria) opted to search for an alternative to synthetic insulin and accidentally stumbled onto the raw food diet.

I started eating a raw food diet and almost instantly felt relief from my diabetic symptoms. This inspired me to go forth with eating organic living foods until long after I was given a clean bill of health by numerous doctors. For the last 16 years I have been living completely free from diabetes!

Seeing first-hand what an important role food had on my health and well being inspired me to write several books and share my experience. My latest book “Fresh” (North Atlantic Books) is one of my top accomplishments.

In 2005, I earned a Bachelor’s Degree from Southern Oregon University in Communication. I was inspired to connect with as many people as I could which lead me to the study of film production. I currently work as a videographer filming anything I find inspiring. I would say that in this sector, short comedies are my favorite to produce.

In my spare time I live an extremely active lifestyle and love to engage in more sports than I can list! Some of my favorites include: hiking, biking, snowboarding, running, and dancing. I also travel around the globe teaching people how to be healthy and have more fun by incorporating green leafy vegetables and wild edibles into their diet.

Wild Edible Harvesting Tips

26 Oct

Wild Edible Harvesting Tips


Identification and use of wild plants requires particular care and attention. Never eat any plant unless you are absolutely sure that it is edible! It is a good idea to cross-reference your knowledge with a book written by an expert. The information in this program is for educational purposes only. It is not intended as a substitute for medical advice, diagnosis, or treatment. The author, publisher, and any of their counter parts, assume no responsibility whatsoever for any adverse effects encountered by the individual. Please harvest wild edibles at your own risk!

Harvesting Safety Tips!

While there are countless benefits associated with eating wild foods such as, breathing fresh air, exercise, premium nutrition, and more food diversity, there are also some inherent risks. When you harvest wild plants for food, there is a high guarantee that edible plants will be sharing their living space with non-edibles. These non-edibles may range in toxicity from mild to extreme. If you are anything like me, then you too prefer to avoid any form of poisoning whether it is mild or severe. For this reason it is a good idea to first learn how to positively identify wild plants and then exercise caution when gathering them for food.

Over the last five years that I have traveled around the globe giving presentations about edible plants, I learned two things: first, people are eagerly seeking knowledge about wild edibles and secondly, there is a lot of confusion about which plants are safe to harvest. I found that the term “poisonous” is very loosely defined and is easily swayed by ones personal bias and educational background. For example, experts coming from backgrounds of toxicology, botany, and medicine claim exponentially larger amounts of poisonous plants, whereas, experts coming from Native American teachings observe the opposite. Unfortunately, these inconsistencies of professional opinion mixed with ill-fated Hollywood movies such as, “Into The Wild,” breed unnecessary fear, preventing the mass populous from venturing into the world of free food. (more…)

How to Make a Green Smoothie

24 Oct

How to Make a Green Smoothie

In this video I elaborate on what constitutes a true green smoothie and discuss  how to properly make one! All the concepts in this video are derived from my  mother’s research written about in the book “Green For Life.”

By following these simple guidelines, your smoothies will be tasty and SUPER healthful!


1 – Never blend anything except fruit, green leafy vegetables and water.

2 – Keep your green smoothie simple. (more…)

My Family

20 Oct

My Family

We are the Boutenko Family.  We are a family that was fortunate to get sick at the same time! In 1993 we were each diagnosed with unique, supposedly irreversible, health ailments. My mother, Victoria, was diagnosed with arrhythmia, my father, Igor, was told he had arthritis and hyperthyroid,  my sister, Valya, had asthma, and I had diabetes.

Going the generic medical route did not offer us much hope so we decided to look for a more promising alternative. After getting second and third opinions from the medical community we dove into our own research, reading book after book about disease, health, and nutrition.

My mother was so desperate to restore our health that she began asking healthy looking people on the street what they knew about health. This eventually panned out when a lady in a bank line told my mother that the secret to perfect health started with the fork and spoon.

In January of 1994 we made the joint decision to eat a strict plant based diet of fruit, veggies, nuts, seeds, and berries to see if diet could positively influence our health. It worked! Over the next six months we each reversed our health problems completely. Our family doctors were shocked beyond belief when they saw the improvements in our blood work and exams.  To learn more about our journey through raw foods please pick up a copy of our book “Raw Family: A True Story of Awakening.

Since that day we have maintained our health through a high raw diet, exercise, and a positive attitude. We have gone on to conduct years of research about what it means to be truly healthy, testing anything and everything we believed was conducive to health on ourselves. (more…)